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To all those interested in the progress of humanity beyond its current state of barbarism:

I created this page to officially launch the Project Homo Sapiens-Sapiens for all present and future humanity.

The Homo Sapiens-Sapiens Project aims to contribute to the advancement of human evolution that at its present stage is far from being complete.

Our Incomplete Evolution

Between 100,000 to 50,000 years ago, the Homo Sapiens Neanderthal and the Homo Sapiens-Sapiens took different ways; the Neanderthal to its extinction and the Sapiens-Sapiens towards the behavioral modernity which started with symbolic representations and the creation of culture.

The Homo Sapiens-Sapiens, to which all current human beings belong, is considered the most advanced of the sub species of the Homo Sapiens.

But coming from the fact that the basic meaning of Homo Sapiens is “wise man” and the Homo Sapiens-Sapiens would be the “wise-wise man”, I use this distinction to claim that the modern human kind is still way too primitive to deserve the name of Homo Sapiens-Sapiens.

I am aware that from an academic anthropology point of view, this would be debatable, but I am not trying here to enter into the highly specialized field of scientists who study human fossils, but instead I am using these terms to encourage a conversation about an extremely important issue of our incomplete evolution.

The fact is that since the time in which the first hominids considered to be fully human appeared on the face of earth, we are still struggling to find our way between barbarism and true civilization.

At the same time we have airplanes to travel from place to place, the internet, computer microchips, space exploration, etc., we still have war, religious fanaticism, racism, a few with fortunes that they could never spend and many starving to death. At the same time some humans are creating sublime art or profound science; other humans are giving guns to children, sending them to war or making money out of that suffering. This is happening not just in some impoverished villages of the sub-African continent; it is happening in the streets and homes of rich countries such as the United States, in which the guns trade is considered by many as a sacred matter.

From the smallest local communities to the global international community of nations, at all levels, there is a battle taking place between the most abject and the noblest expressions of what human beings can be.

Our Possible Evolution

After researching with all my means the mystery of man, I got to understand that when compared to all other living beings known to us in the world of nature, we humans show a unique feature that makes us different from all other species: this extraordinary feature is that we have the capacity to choose between our basic biological instincts and the values we create. We have the possibility of creating societies based on common values, instead of being based in the fierce battle to satisfy our primal instincts at the expense of others.

What this means is not a small thing; it means that because of this capacity to choose between instincts and values –unlike the rest of the species- we are in charge of our own evolution. We all globally and each one of us individually are responsible to contribute –or not- to this evolution.

The Two Sides of Man

Since a very early stage of my life, I suffered the pain of seeing so many humans preying on and destroying other human beings, in so many ways, from the most subtle, to the most cruel and brutal.

I was also troubled by the way humans were capable of treating the nature that surrounds them and sustains them and which represents their one and only home. I saw there the same indifference and cruelty that we apply way too often to other human beings.

At the same time I found myself fascinated by the dazzling beauty of the positive things that humans are able to do, when their special brains and souls focus in the creation of knowledge, beauty and the support for each other.

Motivated by this bewilderment and curiosity, I studied history, psychology, anthropology and spiritual pathways. As a result of this, I found myself working for the improvement of individuals through books, personal development workshops, counseling and non-religious spiritual retreats. Looking for the improvement of our communities, I have been always interested and active in politics. But as I was doing all this, I was always looking for newer and more effective ways than the ones I came across in my research.

At this point in my life I can say that I feel fairly satisfied with what I have created so far and with the results in the life of those who have worked with me and the influence of my work in the lives of many others that I have not gotten to know personally. My books and the programs and methods for personal development that I have created are the testimony of how I took responsibility before the problem of human evolution and did something.

As for the politics and the matter of social change, I have to admit that I have not dedicated nearly as much time and energy to those topics, as I have done for the development of the individual. This has to do in part with the fact that time is a limited resource and for doing what I have done I had to study, write, travel and live with indigenous and non-indigenous communities, apply the methods and techniques in my own life and in the life of others, create programs, lead groups of personal development in many countries, check the results, refine my methods, write more, keep researching and keep teaching, besides all the personal aspects of my life. So, I have not been able to dive into as many topics related to human evolution as I would have liked. The political organizational systems is one of them.

On the other hand, I suppose I always had the intuition that in trying to make the world better it would be more effective to start by trying to change the heart of man at the individual level, rather than trying to change first the social and political structures around him. But of course I am aware that both perspectives are important, required and should ultimately support each other. I just did not have the time to do both.

Hopefully there is still time to do much more.

“The heart of human kind beats in every one´s heart”

One point that I want to make here is that as I moved ahead in my endeavors I came across the realization that the problems I was dealing with, when trying to develop myself or trying to help others in their personal growth, were more than just dealing with the personal history of the individual. I got to see that there was a level in which personal flaws and difficulties were connected to those of the community and the country in which we live, and those of the communities and nations were connected to those of the human kind as a whole. It is all connected and at some point we have to look and address the bottom line causes, rather than just dealing with the symptoms and the consequences.

The same goes for the political problems and social injustice. It is easy to blame corrupt and ill-intentioned politicians and greedy corporations, but we should remember that we all are who have empowered them. We should also remember that these problems have been among us since the beginning of what we usually call civilization, more than 5000 years ago. That is why we have to realize that those often times heart breaking problems that we face in the present, are connected with the problem of our incomplete evolution.

The bottom line is that the current problems that we are dealing with in our modern society are just part of the human kind struggle to evolve from a sill dominant primitive predatory state, to a higher state of values and the search of the common good. Yes, we still have a long way to go…

And of course we all wonder: what can we do…?

My answer to that very important question is this; what we can do is that at the same time we work for our personal development and try to contribute somehow to the progress of the communities in which we live, we need to also address and do something in favor of the development of humanity as a whole. We need to leave our mark, our contribution for the future generations in the same way others who came before left something for us.

I know that it is not common to think this way; to say that we are responsible and that we can and should do something about the evolution of human kind, because it seems so big; but all the big deeds of humanity have always been the result of the actions of all the individuals just like you and me. We all can do something from whichever we choose to be our field battle.

The Project Homo Sapiens-Sapiens aims to raise awareness about the importance of working not only for our own individual development but to also contribute to the development of human kind, present and future. It is about not renouncing to that old feeling that so many of us felt at some point in our younger years: we wanted to change the world, and we wanted to make it better.

We still can. And we still should.

My Contribution

This is the core of the Project Homo Sapiens-Sapiens; to open pathways and offer solutions that support the transit of humans from the primitive to real civilization.

I decided to launch this project because I believe I have found effective solutions to some of the most prominent problems that keep humans anchored to the primitive state of either, the predator or the victim.

These solutions and pathways are the result of my whole life´s work. The time has arrived in which I should not waste time and make sure that all this work and findings are organized and published during my life time, so that it is not lost, and can be available for the people who live at the present and for those who will come after us.

I am determined to do this and to do it –as an independent researcher- I need to devote time and find the financial resources required to organize all my research results and to get all these findings published.

Those who have experienced my work proposals themselves, either through my workshops or through my previous books, have been able to confirm that my work approach is practical, down to the earth and delivers real results.

In accordance with the core of this project, the upcoming publications that I intend to get published through this project pertain to two main areas:

The Evolution of the Individual
(How to develop yourself)


The Evolution of Human Kind
(How to help the global development of man)

It should be noted that my interest is not in just having philosophical theoretical conversations on the matter. We have a lot of that already. If I am raising my voice here it is because I look at these problems from a very practical perspective: what we can effectively do today to make a difference at those two levels; our own self and the world in which we live. Not just for us, but also for those who will come after us.

How You Can Help

This is a huge project, and because of its importance and enormity, I am asking the help and participation of anyone who cares for these matters and who is willing to do something or to help me to do something.

Help can be provided through direct donations, paid memberships, buying any of our digital downloads, contributing with voluntary work, helping us with human networking or any other creative way that you may think of.

Victor Sanchez