My Contribution

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This website and this open statement against human barbaric behavior and pro human evolution is being launched in 2013. But I can see today that my efforts in this direction have been part of who I am and what I have been doing through my entire life.

Perhaps this is not the site to go into detail about the specifics of my work but if I would have to put it in very few words I would say that I have worked all my life for the soul development of myself and of those around me, through my books, workshops and one-on-one work.

I know this may sound too general and you may wonder, what has been Victor Sanchez’ specific contribution?

One general way in which I can represent this effort of an entire life is to say that I have promoted the mature spiritual experience that shows people their hidden potential and the connection they share with all human beings around them and with the greater weaving of life and consciousness which we all are part of. That experience changes people and supports the evolutionary process of becoming authentic homo sapiens-sapiens.

I think is interesting that me being a pretty rational person, very skeptical about having to believe in anything that can not actually be experienced, I nevertheless ended up working on spiritual matters.

I did not planed this way and it was not my goal.

I just wanted to grow out of ignorance and dependence, to understand what to be a human is about and do whatever I could do to make a better world for all of us. That is why since I was a child and without being initially aware of what I was doing, I became a researcher of the human soul.

I discover most official religions to be a scheme that diverts people from the real spiritual experience. I realized that In the religion business, people would always depend on interpreters that will endlessly tell them what God´s wishes allegedly are. The results of that are clear in history since we have not get ridden of the nightmare of killing or abusing each other, as if ten thousand years of history have not really helped much; except that now we are capable to kill each other will with bigger weapons, available in the supermarkets or the nuclear arsenals of the so-called “developed countries”

Often times our religious ideas are what pushes us to distrust and feel separate from those who have different religious ideas. Often times, that distrust and separation leads us to blind violence.

The authentic spiritual experience is something very different and is actually a good medicine to heal that madness. It does not require gods, gurus or preachers or churches.

What I call the authentic spiritual experience is not a matter of beliefs or following any kind of religious ministers or gurus. It is about realizing that we all have a soul that holds answers and an understanding about life and about each other that we need and that constantly fail to listen. It is about learning to listen to our own heart, which surprisingly enough, tends to take place when we learn to really listen to each other.

Discovering and listening to our own hearth is a kind of abstract inner experience which is favored not only by the practice of “deep listening” to each other, but also by spending time among nature, because in nature the silence speaks in the language of the heart.

We just need to be there, and to be open and willing.

Because of all this things I have spent my life creating experiences, spaces, methods and even techniques in which people can get into the spiritual experience of being connected to what surrounds us, through creating circles in which people can basically listen to each other and practices of being in nature, in a way in which we can experience that particular and abstract silent knowledge that changes all.

In this experiences people learn to listen to their own heart and to incorporate what the heart says into their decision making and everyday behavior. They learn -by themselves- to speak from the hearth and to build communities in which the true telling is good medicine that helps all. They learn that personal growth and happiness is not much if is not shared. They learn about the responsibility we all have for the development of not just our own, but for our entire species. They discover that the natural world speaks a language that teaches in a way that nurtures the soul and lifts our consciousnesses.

The spiritual experience is about discovering that our own needs, fears and dreams are not the entire picture but just a piece of the much bigger weaving of life that we all share. And we can do this with or without a believe in God. That is a personal choice and when we have the spiritual experience, it is just natural to respect everyone’s preference in the matter.

In this efforts I have found my research and experiences among indigenous people from Mexico as a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. I am not in the game of representing the indigenous people as if they would be perfect or to disregard the weight of the poverty and social injustice that they have to suffer. But I have been privileged to make friends and share time with indigenous individuals and communities and in that experienced I have found among them so much that we need to recover our soul, lost some much time ago in some point in history.

On a personal level, I have known men and women with whom I have made friends with, who spend much of their time for the service of their communities and the service of the world in a much larger scale. I have seen and shared what they do and the experiences they get, when they engage in spiritual pilgrims to their sacred sites and connect with the forces or nature. They invest time, money (that they barely have), energy and so much heart in spiritual activities in behalf of their entire community and in behalf of the spirit of the man as a whole I have gotten from them one of my greatest lessons of what the responsibility of being connected with the others and with the forces or nature is about.

On a collective level I have dive in the shamanic experiences of those indigenous communities and learned that the power of the shamanic experience does not reside in the shaman, but in the connection that any participant gets to establish with what is sacred: the bond with all have with the life around us in every possible way: parents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, partners, neighbors, fellow countrymen, all humans, animals, plants, planets, stars and all forces of nature!

The essence of that shamanic experience I found and that essence I have been working to bring and translate to our own ways and into our own non-indigenous world. That is why I always considered absurd to try to become or represent one-self as a shaman, because is the shamanic experience and not the shaman what is relevant for the development of the soul.

I discovered that when the spiritual events are based on experiences and not in faith, they are equally powerful and beneficial for believers and not believers. Even skeptics may feel at home there.

(Perhaps non-believers are perhaps better equipped to grasp the spiritual experience, because -since they don’t believe in advance- they have to rely on experience and experience is what all this is about. In addition the “non-believer” kind, wont get confuse or mixed up with their previous “spiritual” beliefs. This two characteristics are not always true for the “believer” kind).

Continuing with this distinction between spirituality and religious beliefs, it is evident that we could potentially waist so much time discussing whether there is a God or not. However, we don´t need to argue that we all have a spirit that can lead our life from a deeper and wiser place. It is self evident when we experience it. The development of values and the individual and social dreaming with a better world in which we all work for the benefit of all is a sign of the human soul. It is that spirit which has taken us to the point of realizing or deciding that protecting the children is the right thing to do. It is the human soul that finds the beauty or a whale or a dolphin enough reason to protect them from extinction or from savage butchery.

What better example of the abstract but real existence of the spirit than the love that we are able to feel for others and which sometimes takes us to territories of life that we never imagined we would be able to go. It is not a physical object and yet is there, existent and present for anyone who experiences it. Is it not true that those abstract values and feelings are precisely what provides our existence with a full human dimension?

Yes I think authentic and mature spirituality is one of the most important elements required for the evolution of the human kind and that is one of the topics in the field works that I have been working all my life..

I realize that when I have been working in the fields of Anthropology (even in my anti-anthropology approach), in the field or psychology, in the writing of my books or in the design or the leading of my workshops, I have been doing the same thing all along: working for the evolution of man, in every possible way at my reach.

That has not always been easy, but has given meaning to my life and has made me happy. This is not to say that my life is perfect or that I have no problems, like anyone else. But I feel blessed by having a task in which I can contribute and do something -even in my own little scale- to alleviate the chaos and pain that the barbaric side of man causes way too often among us.

That has been my contribution, which I intend to continue and which can be known in more detail through my different books, websites and workshops.